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Mark P. Kumler, Ph.D.

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R. Maxwell Baber, Ph.D.
Mark Stewart


This project explains how a small town in northeastern Nevada improved the collection of data for the local water utility department with the use of a GIS. The initial need was to improve and expand the city’s existing GIS data holdings by incorporating ESRI’s ArcGIS product to accommodate the mapping needs of the Engineering and Municipal Water Departments. The collection of data into a GIS is used to find, improve, and reduce time spent on researching for information needed for planning and decision making. Data assessment and conversion comprised a major portion of the project. The database design was modified with the use of an existing water utility data model based on the assessment provided by the client. The software design for the project utilizes out-of-the-box ArcGIS 9.2 tools and functionality. The use of a geometric network was implemented to execute trace analysis on the water network available with use of the Utility Network Analyst toolbar. The importance of using GIS for the water utility department has proven to be more than a pretty map but rather a tool that can be used to solve problems when they arise which helps save time and money for the community.

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A Water Utility Mapping Application for the City of Elko, Nevada (Poster)


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