Graffiti Crime Analysis and System Development

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Committee Chair

Douglas M. Flewelling, Ph.D.

Committee Members

James A. Ciarrocca, M.S.


The city of Montclair, California, recently experienced an increase in graffiti vandalism. To help reduce this problem, a GIS with two major interfaces was created. One is a custom Microsoft Access interface that allows the Police Department to input incident reports, store information, and analyze graffiti data. The data is then sent to the second interface, created for ArcMap. This interface has custom tools that allow the GIS Department to input graffiti incident reports, geocode addresses, query information, analyze data, and produce graphical reports of the city's graffiti density in both hardcopy and digital formats. The hardcopy output is used by the Police Department to allocate resources with the goal of reducing graffiti crimes. The digital output is displayed on a public website to involve the community in a vandalism abatement program. The website gives the public a medium for reporting graffiti. Finally, the Police Department creates graffiti abatement work orders for the Public Works Department which aid with an efficient cleanup of the graffiti incident.

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