Getting Well Again: A Workshop Focusing on Transformation as a Healing Modality

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Philip A. Smith

Paul Bremer


psychology, health, healing, transformation, getting well, recovery


Health Psychology | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


Hi! I'm a 48 year old male who's had chronic lymphocitic leukemia for almost eight years. And, I'm doing well, thank you. This has been one of the biggest challenges of my life and also one of my biggest opportunities. My life has been turned upside down or, as I now look at it, really turned right side up. I don't want to get into the whole story of my change in careers from a research scientist to a therapist, or to discuss my discovery of my spiritual path and my meaning in life, but I do want to talk about how such changes in one's life contribute to the quality of life and perhaps even to his or her state of health. For in this paper we'll be discussing transformation--transformation of disease to health. By this I mean both disease of the body and illness of the spirit transforming to health of the whole. For one, in my opinion, cannot separate the spirit from the body; one must always deal with the whole.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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