Inner Landscapes: Art as a Manifestation of the Unconscious

Publication Date



Master of Arts (MA)

Committee or Advisor Chair

Frank R. Blume

Committee Members

Philip A. Smith

Naomi L. Naylor


psychology, art, unconscious, transpersonal psychology, creativity, symbolism


Art and Design | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


In my continuing and widening search for growth and understanding of the process and meaning of my life, I've developed a simple tool that offers numerous avenues for exploration. This visual creative process I title Xerox collages and involves the creation of two-dimensional images. It began as a solely expressive, aesthetic project, but as I progressed and persevered I was struck by the power and emotional impact of the images being produced. This paper is the result of my exploration of the process which was striking hidden chords within me. It is an attempt to bring to light some of the mystery surrounding the process in an effort to discover the meta-process (what s happening at another level) and the possibility of developing and explaining it for others' use.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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