Art as a Personal Map of Consciousness: A Compound Thesis Project

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Douglas Bowman

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Barbara Smith

Hugh Redmond


psychology, transpersonal psychology, art, consciousness, mapworks, art exhibition


Art and Design | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


"Art as a Personal Map for Consciousness" is the title of the class I taught for three semesters at Johnston College and was one component of a Compound Thesis Project. It was a practical and fulfilling vehicle through which I was able to share my understanding of both artistic creativity and transpersonal psychology. The other component of the Compound Thesis Project, entitled "Mapworks," was an exhibition of my artwork. The drawings presented in this exhibition were executed primarily during class sessions of "Art as a Personal Map of Consciousness."

The purpose of this paper is twofold: 1) to document the procedures involved in the two components of the Project, and 2) to reflect upon my intrapersonal experience as I dynamically and creatively combined the roles of artist and teacher in a transpersonal context. Also included will be a discussion of interdisciplinary research, a subjective and objective critique of each component, and a projection into possible future improvements, with an emphasis on expansion in new directions. First, however, a brief self-reflective autobiographical summary of the preparatory stages through which I passed is necessary.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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