Aging as a Life Process: Humanistic and Transpersonal Perspectives

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Frank R. Blume

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Philip A. Smith

Naomi L. Naylor


pyschology, aging, life cycles, humanistic perspectives, transpersonal perspectives, society


Family, Life Course, and Society | Geriatrics | Geropsychology | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


Our life is bout a winter's day. Some breakfast and away. Others to dinner stay and are well fed. The oldest sups and goes to bed. Large in his debt who lingers out the day. Who goes the soonest has the least to pay. (Safford, 1898)

In this epitaph, which marked a grave in a Bath churchyard, the poet's metaphor describes the major stages of the life cycle: childhood, maturity and old age. Eric Erikson was concerned that to understand the stages in the human life-cycle "...we must expand our scope to include the study of the way societies lighten the inescapable conflicts of childhood with a promise of some security, identity and integrity." (1963) The validity of this theory will be explored in relation to the effects on the writer's development of security, identity and integrity.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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