Transpersonal Education as a Strategy for Social Change

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Glenn Whitlock, Ph.D.

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Donald J. Mastriano, Ed.D.

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.


transpersonal psychology, transpersonal education, social change, humanistic psychology, psychosynthesis, behavior


Applied Behavior Analysis | Educational Psychology | Politics and Social Change | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


This thesis will explore the potential use of transpersonal education as a means to social change. It is being written with a general educational audience in mind--for all teachers on all levels. Before outlining the format, selected relevant theoretical assumptions will be discussed.

For purposes of this paper, an individual's social conduct is conceptualized as being a behavioral reflection of an underlying system of values. Moreover, it is assumed that if the culture as a whole embraces a given value system, the prevailing social and political system will endorse this image. The internalized values can be seen as creating as well as propagating the existent status quo.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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