Working Through Anxiety: A Comparative Study

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Glenn Whitlock

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Douglas Bowman


anxiety, health, transpersonal psychology, neurosis, ego, liberation


Health Psychology | Neurology | Neurosciences | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


This paper began with an interest in two different themes, or, with the issues and questions surrounding these themes, they are--the human growth process and liberation.

It seems that these themes are generally approached in the following way: 1) growth is usually viewed as a process, a means to a goal (such as maturity or autonomy) and as a practice as opposed to a theory or end in itself. But, this approach ignores the "content" of growth, that is, what this process is made up of, it's determining factors and what stimulates or inhibits growth. 2) Liberation, on the other hand is usually viewed as an end product, an abstraction and ideal state to be achieved, without much concern for the process or means to reaching this goal. This way of approaching our topic can be stated in the form of a question--Is liberation, or freedom, the end-product or goal of the growth process? and if it is, how is this goal reached?


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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