Thanatology: A Study of the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg on the Afterlife with Corroboration by the Scientific Investigations of Dr. Raymond Moody

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Glen Whitlock, Ph.D.

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Douglas Bowman


psychology, transpersonal psychology, thanatology, Emanuel Swedenborg, Raymond Moody, afterlife


Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


What happens after you die? This question has teased mankind ever since self-consciousness emerged. Ancient burial remains and paintings bear out the interest of early man in the concept of survival. Does one float around on clouds, eternally praising a creator, possibly with a harp? Is there really a type of barrier, or maybe gates, pearled or not? The concept of Hell, eternal damnation, or fiery depths, has also occupied the thoughts of man. Is there indeed "just retribution," a "final accounting" for one's deeds or thoughts or motives? Or is all existence a wheel of death and rebirth, ending in Nirvana? Is there some continuance, some existence after the physical body is dead? I have always thought about this question; indeed, it has been the focal point of my life to know.

I shall approach this subject of the conscious survival of bodily death first by recounting my personal reflections on death, then by delineating prior approaches to the problem, plus suggesting some new opportunities that are arising as a result of medical technological advances, and finally by describing the character of the particular study presented in this paper.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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