The Way of the Master

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Frank R. Blume

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Philip Smith

Charles Haynes


transpersonal psychology, spirituality, transformation, relationship with a master, ego, Meher Baba


Counseling Psychology | Developmental Psychology | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


It has been my joy to come to know on the path of the spirit who love Meher Baba. Their love engenders within them a quality of being that seems to reflect a humility born of inner surrender to a path of love on which the Godman leads them...they know they have come home. Baba himself says, "I am nearer to you than your own breath. Remember me, and I am with you, and my love will guide you. It is your love for yourself that loses Me and it is your love for Me that finds me."

In this thesis I plan to explore two aspects of relationship with a Master, that of loss and that of guidance. A Master works individually, unbinding sanskaras, loving, neglecting, doing whatever he knows is necessary to bring the individual soul to liberation. I felt that the most valuable contribution to this work would come from the hearts of Baba's lovers and not from a compilation of data. The stories of those who participated in my research offer the reader a touch with life lived in The Way of The Master. Those I contacted were asked three questions; (1) What have you lost being with Meher Baba? (2) How are you aware of Baba's guidance in your life?, and (3) Are there teaching stories that have been important to you? The responses I received are integrated in my thesis.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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