Stress Factors and Wellness Attitudes in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Personal Perspective

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Frank R. Blume

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Philip A. Smith

William K. Lombardo


stress factors, transpersonal psychology, wellness, attitude, inflammatory bowel disease, healing


Diseases | Gastroenterology | Medicine and Health Sciences | Psychology | Rehabilitation and Therapy | Transpersonal Psychology


On June 29th, 1980, there was an interesting article in the Los Angeles Times' View Section entitled, Learning To Live By Almost Dying, written by Beth Ann Krier. It was a story of several people. All had been told they were terminally ill. All were alive and very well. [...]

I am Doris Dor El of that article. That is my story. My road to wellness has been one of transformation and learning. My own personal experience with disease and with learning how to live is the main impetus for this thesis. In my own journey, I have found tools that can help. I have experienced healing and wholeness. Like any enthusiast, I am eager to learn more about the dynamics, about how people develop illnesses like Crohn's Disease, in order to find more effective ways of helping people to experience their own inherent healing abilities.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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