Replication of an Experiment in Remote Viewing

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Frank R. Blume, Ph.D.

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Glenn E. Whitlock, Ph.D.

Fowler C. Jones


remote viewing, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, telepathy, psi, experimentation


Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


The human race has long held a fascination for the mysterious. Centuries of legends have recounted tales of ghosts, mind-to-mind communication, prophetic dreams, and other unexplainable events. Much of what ancient people held in awe was superstition. Witchcraft and alchemey are cases in point. It was only recently when Newtonian science appeared on the scientific scene that society had reliable tools to begin to investigate and study these strange events. As science postulates new theory and predicts new consequences it too changes and with it society's view of reality. As the scientific method becomes more refined, its theories more inclusive, and its tools more sensitive, the hidden or occult is gradually exposed to the rational light of science. It is highly unlikely that miracles occur or have ever occurred. It is more likely that miraculous events are merely happenings for which we have an imperfect understanding of the law. A century ago it would have seemed preposterous to have stated that an object that weighted several tons could fly. The laws of aerodynamics modified science's pragmatic stance regarding airborne travel of heavy objects. The fat that the environment is bombarded with forms of energy that are beyond the detection of the human sensory system but are capable of carrying voice and pictures was likewise incomprehensible until theory confirmed such a possibility.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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