Psychotherapy Research and Referral Manual for the Consumer

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Frank R. Blume

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Glenn E. Whitlock

Janette Rainwater


psychotherapy, licensing, transpersonal psychology, Inland Empire, California, clinical psychology


Clinical Psychology | Economics | Psychology | Transpersonal Psychology


This thesis/project emerged from some questions I had asked myself some years ago when I knew that I wanted to channel my academic work into the area of psychology and the develop a profession as a psychotherapist. This sounded simple enough at that time. How naive I was! Questions began reeling through my mind. What courses do I need to take? What degree do I need? How many years more will I be in school? I eventually stumbled onto the area of licensing. What license did I need to have? What degrees will get me what type of license? How do even find out what programs will prepare me for licensing? How do I even find out what the various licenses are before I mage a choice? It became very obvious that a large part of my education would have nothing to do with the classroom and would be my own casual, but determined exploration of these areas so I could begin to find some answers that would give me a solid sense of direction.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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