Ethics: Personal, Professional

Publication Date



Master of Arts (MA)

Committee or Advisor Chair

Glenn E. Whitlock

Committee Members

Philip A. Smith

Nancee Redmond


ethics, personal ethics, professional ethics, transpersonal psychology, depression, clinical practice


Clinical Psychology | Developmental Psychology | Mental and Social Health | Psychiatry and Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Transpersonal Psychology


The purpose of this thesis is to elaborate at some length my concern not only for what it means to conduct myself in an ethical manner in my role as a therapist; but also what it means for me to be an ethical being. I will do so by reflecting on some of the vital ethical, moral, and mental health issues in my own life. One of my assumptions in life is that any individual's personal life always spills over into, and thus influences for good or ill, one's professional life. Or is ti that professional life is just another expression of personal life? In any case, it seems to me that my ability to be ethical and to act ethically in the counseling situation depends to a large extent on how complete, whole, "together" I am in my own everyday life outside the counseling situation.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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