"Pictures At An Exhibition": The Intensive Journal Process Creating a Woman's Life as a Work of Art

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Master of Arts (MA)

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Frank R. Blume

Committee Members

Philip A. Smith

Nancee Redmond


art, gender, meditation, dreams, transpersonal psychology, art exhibition


Art and Design | Gender and Sexuality | Psychology | Religion | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Transpersonal Psychology


The thesis-project is a description of my personal, psychological and spiritual growth. The writing is largely metaphoric, symbolic an mythical. I am a mythical, symbolic and metaphoric person. I do not live in my physical world. Rather my physical world lives in me. Although there are certain physical facts which describe me (e.g., age 40; eyes, blue; husband, Pard), they are not my life. More accurately, the feelings and meanings I lay under and over those facts are my life. The language they speak is metaphoric, symbolic and mythical. Through this language I attempt to describe the indescribable. I am the creation of my myths.

My purpose in writing this thesis is to describe the essence of the Intensive Journal process as a tool for creating my life as a work of art. I believe the best way to make clear the life-creating process of the Intensive Journal is to use its own language of inner meaning, metaphor, symbol and myth.


Department: Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology

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