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Submission Guidelines for Open Educational Resources


  1. Log into (or or create) your InSPIRe account. Viewing the submission form ahead of time is recommended to help you prepare the information needed to complete the process.
  2. Read, understand, and accept the terms of the publishing agreement. See below for a copy of the terms.
  3. Upload and freely share your work. This includes the option to upload supplemental files.  Supplemental files can include peer and student reviews of your work, alternative versions of your work (e.g., EPUB, MOBI), and smaller files of an otherwise large main file (e.g., the main file of an entire book can be supplemented with smaller files representing each chapter). Since you have the option to hide or display supplemental files you may upload (and hide) written permissions from others to include their works (e.g., images) in your OER.
  4. Add descriptive information to help people discover your work (e.g., keywords, intended learning outcomes, target audience, table of contents).
  5. Assign a Creative Commons license which tells people what uses are and are not permitted. All options require attribution (e.g., recognition of you as the creator) and in keeping with the definition of OER, all options permit derivatives of your OER (e.g., permits the ability for others to include a chapter from your book in a course reader, permits the ability for others to use of an image/chart frorm your work in their powerpoint or article).
  6. If you would like your work to undergo review by peers and/or students, you may solicit reviews yourself and upload completed reviews as supplemental files or you may provide names of potential reviewers to enable Armacost Library to solicit open and post-publication reviews.
  7. Armacost Library may assign a cover image and a digital object identifier (DOI) to the OER to enable persistent findability of the OER. A DOI determination will be made using a variety of factors including the length of the OER and degree of usage.


Know the Terms of Your Publishing Agreement

When submitting your work to be published, you will be prompted to agree to the following terms. Read the Submission Agreement carefully and consult with a librarian about any questions

1. I grant Armacost Library on behalf of the University of Redlands the non-exclusive right to distribute my submission ("Work") over the Internet and make it part of InSPIRe.

2. I grant Armacost Library the right to distribute my Work to various sites (e.g., Merlot) to maximize the visibility and use of my Work.

3. I grant Armacost Library the right to make minor pre-publication edits. Post-publication errors and corrections will be listed on the metadata page (where descriptive information is listed), but will not be reflected in the actually document. Major changes shall we observed through the publication of a subsequent edition.

4. I certify that this is my original work and that I've properly cited the works of others. By giving my express permission I am agreeing to the following:

  • I certify that this is my original work and that I have the right to grant permissions. I also certify that, to the best of my knowledge, my work does not infringe upon anyone else's copyright, patent rights, trade secrets, or trademarks, nor does it constitute defamation, invasion of privacy, or other rights of any person or entity.
  • Material that is not my original work (video, images, music, data sets) included in this work is acknowledged and appropriately cited. Furthermore, if my work includes interviews, I have uploaded supplemental files of signed permissions from the interviewees to make their interviews public.

5. I certify that I have taken reasonable steps to make my work as usable and accessible as possible.

  • I have used accessibility features provided by the software used.
  • I have provided file formats that facilitate the ability of Armacost Library to convert files into multiple formats to increase the usability and accessibility of your work to a wider audience (e.g., mobile users, visually-impaired users).
  • I will work in a timely manner to respond to requests by Armacost Library to make edits to my work to facilitate readability, accessibility, and usability. This includes adherence to publishing standards. For example, front matter for textbooks should include title,edition, publisher and copyright information. It may also include acknowledgements, dedications, foreword and table of contents. The front matter is also a good place to include information about the author(s), requests for adoption notification, and instructions for submitting errata and feedback. Faculty interested in textbook creation are encouraged to explore the Open Textbook Network's Publishing Curriculum.

6. I understand that I retain full ownership and rights to my work.

As the author of this work I retain all ownership rights to the copyright of my work. I also retain the right to use all or part of this work in the future (in articles, books, websites, etc.)

By submitting my work, I grant to Armacost Library, University of Redlands the permission to use, display, distribute, transmit, publish, reproduce or copy the content, digitally, in print, or in any other medium. However I retain all intellectual property rights to the content and the responsibility for enforcing those rights.