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Erin Gruwell: A Biographical Account of A Teacher Leader for Change


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This biographical account of Erin Gruwell’s work with marginalized youth explores the relevancy of her work for today’s educators, especially those responsible for the education of future school leaders. Through both a review of the literature and in-depth interview with Gruwell, this paper shows how Gruwell emerged as a teacher leader and change agent. In summary, it is important that both current and future school administrators support teacher leaders like Erin Gruwell, by working together in challenging the status quo in today’s schools. Being open-minded and listening to ideas teacher leaders can help school administrators be more effective in their often difficult role. Ideas such as “smaller learning communities” and the philosophy of “saving one student at a time” have echoed in teacher leaders like Erin Gruwell and others. School administrators’ collaboration with their teacher leaders on campus, only increases the odds of more effective solutions coming forth that can help to improve academic achievement.

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The Journal of the California Association of Professors of Educational Administration

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