These articles, poems, posters, presentations, and short stories represent some of the scholarship written by University of Redlands faculty, staff, and administrators.


Submissions from 2017

A Cross-Disciplinary Survey of Beliefs about Human Nature and Culture., Joseph Carroll, John A. Johnson, Catherine A. Salmon, Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, Mathias Clasen, and Emilie Jonsson


Learning from each other: Dialogical Argumentation in an Online Environment, Anita Chadha and Renee Van Vechten

Text Mining 101: What You Should Know, Patricia Cleary, Kristen Garlock, Denise Novak, Ethan Pullman, and Sanjeet Mann


Has Automation Changed the Response of Unemployment Rate to GDP Growth?, Hamid Falatoon and Mohammad Safarzadeh


Risk and Return Comparison of MBS, REIT, and Non-REIT Etfs, Hamid Falatoon and Mohammad R. Safarzadeh


Banking Deregulation and Corporate Tax Avoidance, Bill B. Francis, Ning Ren, and Qiang Wu


Stereotype Threat in U.S. Students Abroad: Negotiating American Identity in the Age of Trump, Susan B. Goldstein

Stigma and stigma by association in perceptions of straight allies, Susan B. Goldstein

Teaching a Psychology-Based Study Abroad Pre-Departure Course, Susan B. Goldstein

Psychotherapy Expertise Should Mean Superior Outcomes and Demonstrable Improvement Over Time, Rodney K. Goodyear, Bruce E. Wampold, Terence J.G. Tracey, and James W. Lichtenberg

Longing for the Feminine: Reflections on Love, Sexual Orientation, Individuation, and the Soul, Fran Grace


Viktor Frankl and the Search for Meaning: A Conversation with Alexander Vesley and Mary Cimiluca, Fran Grace


Critical Information Literacy in Practice: A Bibliographic Review Essay of Critical Information Literacy, Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook, and Critical Literacy for Information Professionals, Lua Gregory and Shana Higgins


Perception of Facial Aging and Its Relationship to Two Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (OXTR rs53576, CD 38, rs3796863, Thomas J. Gross, Thomas F. Gross, and Susan Blauth


Using Tablet Technologies to Engage and Motivate Urban High School Students, Nicol R. Howard and Keith E. Howard

Pay-For-Performance Incentives in the Finance Sector and the Financial Crisis, Sanjiv Jaggia Prof and Satish B. Thosar


Information Re-Sharing on Social Network Sites in the Age of Fake News, Mehrdad Koohikamali and Anna Sidorova


Gerrymandering in Redlands, California, Mark P. Kumler, Joseph Stoddard, and Melodi C. King

Smart cities in the United States and worldwide: A rich arena for MIS studies, James B. Pick

Location Analytics and Decision Support: Reflections on Recent Avancementa, a Research Framework and the Path Ahead, James B. Pick, Ozgur Turetken, Amit Deokar, and Avijit Sarkar

Challenging Our Assumptions About Male and Female Preferences for Competition, Jill L. Robinson and Jean Lipman-Blumen

Long-term romantic relationships: Adaptationist approaches., Catherine A. Salmon

Sexual Fantasies, Catherine A. Salmon

Why In Utero and Postnatal Birth Order Effects May Have Different Patterns, Catherine A. Salmon


Spatiotemporal Patterns and Socioeconomic Dimensions of Shared Accommodations: The Case of AIRBNB in Los Angeles, California, Avijit Sarkar, Mehrdad Koohikamali, and James B. Pick