An Introduction to Programming with ActionScript 3.0


An Introduction to Programming with ActionScript 3.0


Computer Science

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This new full-color, multimedia-focused text provides a CS1 level introduction to computer programming by employing an example-based methodology involving animation, sound, graphics, and interactivity. As the multimedia language associated with Adobe® Flash®, ActionScript 3.0 offers a more compelling introduction to the world of programming than other standard programming languages, yet is powerful and comprehensive enough to provide a complete introduction to all the foundational concepts. By using the Flash environment, this book presents programming concepts that are relevant to multimedia-focused games and applications and is the ideal resource for those interested in building visually rich and interactive applications.

An Introduction to Programming with ActionScript 3.0 satisfies ACM guidelines for a first course in a computer science curriculum and covers all of the key topics required for any introductory level programming course: program analysis and design, data types, selective and iterative control structures, functions, arrays, and classes. In addition, it covers ActionScript’s powerful ability to construct complex and interactive animations using graphics and sounds. Through programming, this text exposes readers to the problem solving and critical thinking skills required for effective participation in the digital world.

An Introduction to Programming with ActionScript 3.0 is ideal for students interested in learning crucial programming concepts for which technology, arts, and media converge. It is also highly recommended for multimedia programmers, interactive artists, game designers, and innovative web application developers.




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Jones and Bartlett Learning

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Burlington, MA


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Programming Languages and Compilers

An Introduction to Programming with ActionScript 3.0