Is Your Job at Risk of Automation?

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Is Your Job at Risk of Automation?



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According to an Oxford University study, more than 50 percent of all US jobs are susceptible to automation within the next two decades. Robots, which have previously been confined to the manufacturing sector, are now entering the service sector, where 90 percent of American employees work. Some service professions, such as tax preparers, freight agents, and cashiers, face close to certain risk of elimination. Others, such as physicians, social workers, and many education-related jobs, face almost no risk at all.

Job automation will hit certain metropolitan areas significantly harder than others. Low-wage cities like Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; and Riverside–San Bernardino, California currently have the highest shares of jobs that are susceptible to automation. This map illustrates the share of jobs automatable for all 421 metropolitan statistical areas (MSA). The bubble sizes are proportional to the number of workers employed in the MSA in December 2016. The bubble colors display the share of those jobs that can technically be “automated away” in the next twenty years. As the map shows, almost all large metropolitan areas can lose over 55 percent of their current jobs due to automation. The ones that fare better than others include high-tech centers like Silicon Valley, California, and Boston.

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Is Your Job at Risk of Automation?