Submissions from 2016


CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray Disc Diffraction with a Laser Ray Box, Alan J. DeWeerd

Submissions from 2014

Io's Active Volcanoes During the New Horizons Imaging, Julie Rathbun, John R. Spencer, Rosaly Mutel Lopes, and Robert R. Howell

Io's Hot Spots in the Near-infrared Detected by LEISA During the New Horizons Flyby, Constantine C C. Tsang, Julie Rathbun, John R. Spencer, and Brigette E. Hesman

Submissions from 2013

Detectability of Thermal Signatures Associated with Active Formation of 'Chaos Terrain' on Europa, Oleg Abramov, Julie A. Rathbun, Britney E. Schmidt, and John R. Spencer