Submissions from 2015


Automating and Calibrating a Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Use in an Advanced Laboratory Course, Spencer Fuller

Submissions from 2008

Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) Threshold in Optical Fibers, Mark Spencer

Submissions from 2007

Quantum Revival, Santino Labbate

Submissions from 2006

A Survey of Interpretations of Quantum Theory : A Panentheistic Approach to Quantum Divine Action, Mara Block

Submissions from 2002

Laser Cooling of Neutral Atoms, Jeffrey E. Strick

Submissions from 2001


Scattering of Light by Spherical Particles, Jennifer M. Linden

Submissions from 1996


Alpha Particle Loss by Nuclear Inelastic Interactions in CsI, NaI, BC400, BC501, Anthracene, Stilbene, Ge, Si, BaF2, CaF2, and BGO, Robert H. Allen


Development of a System for Laser Excited Fluorescence Lifetime and Spectrum Measurements, Joel Peavy


Crystallographic Groups, Melanie Young

Submissions from 1995


Potential Effects of Intermittent Magnetic Field Exposures on the Melatonin Rhythm in the Adult Djungarian Hamster, Huy Truong

Submissions from 1988

Proton Total Reaction Cross Sections for Sn112,114,116,118,120,122, and 124 Between 22 and 48 MeV, TIm A. Poole

Submissions from 1981


A Nitrogen Laser for Pumping Dyes, Kevin K. Mackamul

Submissions from 1980


A Study of the Pressure Dependence of the R(4,1) Line in the 2v2 Region of NH3, Christopher E. Holland

Submissions from 1975


Nuclear Reaction Rate of Protons in Various Scintillators in the Energy Range 20-50 MeV, Elsa A. Ginkel


Proton Total Reaction Cross Sections for Calcium 40 between 20 and 50 MeV, John R. Nimmo

Submissions from 1963

High Energy Particles in Nuclear Emulsions, Harold Phillips

Submissions from 1961

A Stable Electron Model Based on an Electromagnetic Interpretation of Mass, John C. Huneke

Submissions from 1957

The Storage of Wavelength and Three Space Coordinate Information on a Two Dimensional Black and White Film by Means of Fresnel Diffraction Patterns, Edward I. Fisher

The Development of Primary Standards for X-Ray Microchemical Analysis, Darrell F. High