Submissions from 2017


The Effect of U.S. Political Party Polarization on Negative Partisanship Among U.S. Citizens, Noelle B. Webster

Submissions from 2016


The Relationship Between Power-Sharing and Separatism: A Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Aaron A. Barth

Submissions from 2013

Explaining the Latino Vote in 2008 and 2012, Alexa Herlosky

Submissions from 2011


The Effect of Independent Expenditures on Congressional Elections following Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission (2010), Kaethe Selkirk

Submissions from 2010

"Going All Jackson Browne": Limiting Fair Use and Reclaiming Artistic Integrity In Light of Browne v. McCain, Sarah Gross


Measuring an Elite Opinion Rally in the House of Representatives: President George W. Bush and the 107th Congress, Lauren Sheram

Submissions from 2006

The Supreme Court and Fundamental Rights: A Framework Analysis, Jacob Daniels

Submissions from 2005


Who's in Control? Explaining Middle Eastern Liberalization through Boolean Analysis and the Mobilization Space Framework, John Seth Alexander

Practical Postmodern Possibilities: Radical Democracy with a Twist, Orion Steele

Submissions from 2004


Theorizing the Subject of Radical Democracy, Chas. A. Phillips

Becoming Foucaultian: A Theory of Reading, Dialogic Prose, and Intersubjectivity, Brian Richardson

Submissions from 2003

Yucca Mountain and the "Screw Nevada" Debate, Elizabeth DiNello

Construction for Destruction, Erick Guzman

The Influence of Islam on the Socioeconomic and Political Development of Muslim Nations: A Case Study of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Momal Iqbal


Freedom (Mis)Understood: An Examination of the Subject and Freedom's Social Construction, Amy Kniss

Submissions from 2002


The Trafficking of Women in Thailand, Kelley E. Chung

Constitutionality and Effectiveness of Sexual Offender Registration and Community Notification Legislation, Mandy Favaloro


Transitional Justice: Violence and Reconciliation in Sierra Leone, Amanda Hargrove


Predicting Presidential Elections: A Mathematical Analysis of the US Two-Party System, Gordon Ray Kordyak

Submissions from 2001


DNA Forensics and the Death Penalty, Lynnea McDougle

Submissions from 1997


Foreign Affairs of Independent Croatia: The Influence of Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States on Croatia's Recognition, in Light of European Security Issues, Strahimir Filipovic

Submissions from 1996


The Original Understanding and Interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment, Mark Batik

Federal and Subnational Attempts at Immigration Control: Why the United States Fails to Control its Borders, Robert A. Hinckley


Following the Leader: How Three California Counties Have Applied the Exclusionary Rule at the Superior Court Level, Chris Riley

Submissions from 1995


Boom or Bust: A Study of Austrian Integration into the European Union, Judy Crowell


Political and Economic Aspects of Upwardly Spiraling Health Care Costs: How Did We Get Here? How Do We Get Out of Here?, Joseph Filpi Guidera

Submissions from 1992


The Enlightenment Bloc: The Continuing Need for A Strong Atlantic Alliance, Douglas Austin

Submissions from 1991

Ecology, Politics, Feminism, and Vegetarianism: Toward a Synergistic Theory and Practice, Brett R. Lilly

Submissions from 1990


The Helsinki Final Act--A Catalyst for Change?: An Examination of Human Rights in Eastern Europe, Sarah Merrell

Terrorism and the Media: A First Amendment Dilemma, Michelle D. Smith

Submissions from 1985


Enforcing Illicit Drug Laws: Alternative Approaches, Elaine Harris

Submissions from 1984


In Defense of a Madisonian Congress, Dennis P. Bourgault

"Winnable" Nuclear War: An Examination of Concepts Surrounding this Theory of Strategic Policy, Kevin Keith Minnich


The Continuing Struggle for Indian Sovereignty; Presenting: The Case of Indian Bingo, Jeffrey Wagner

Submissions from 1981


Charting the Impact of Water Policy in Redlands, Gary G. Ferrell

Submissions from 1979

Solar Energy: An Analysis of the Political Feasibility of Implementing Residential Space and Water Heating Systems on a Majority of Homes in California, Sandra S. Collier


Soviet-Israeli Relations: An Assessment of the Roles of Ideology and National Interest, Beth Simmons

Rape, Sexual Assault, and Mistakes: "They All Really Love It", Hollis A. Whitson

Submissions from 1978


Quiet Diplomacy vs. Public Diplomacy: Contrasting Approaches to the Issue of Human Rights in U.S.-Soviet Relations, Craig A. Hoover


Councils on Governments: A Practical Approach to Solving Regional Problems?, Louise Houseworth


Paradigms, Paragons, and Practices of Administrative Policy-making, Paul G. McNamara

Submissions from 1976


The Political Evolution of The United Mine Workers of America, Donald W. Leieritz

Submissions from 1975


Modern Campaign Management and Electioneering, Sylvia E. Castano

Obscenity: A Juridical Inquiry, Kenneth Brewster Clark

The War Powers Resolution of 1973, Susan E. Crump


A Matter of Approach: An Analysis of Relating between Local Governments, Brian E. Derdowski


The National Congressional Campaign Committees: Their Role and Relationships to Political Interest Groups, Craig A. Graves

Submissions from 1972

Associate Justice Robert Houghwout Jackson: Individualism and Federalism, Jeffrey H. Wriedt

Submissions from 1970

Police-Community Relations: A Study of Federal-Local Problem Solving, Donald P. Baker

The Applicability of Systems Theory to International Relations: A Consideration of Three Authors, Thomas J. Hruska Jr


Democratization of Communism in Czechoslovakia: Action and Response, Kevin Murphy

The Future of Peacekeeping Operations by the United Nations, Mark R. Young

Submissions from 1969

The Politics of Local Agency Formation Commissions in California, Michael Blake Corbin

Problems in Political Communication in the Minority Communities of Los Angeles, Jill E. Johnson

Hungary and Czechoslovakia: The Soviet Interventions, Jack Osborn

Submissions from 1968

The Supreme Court and Civil Liberties: The Judicial Philosophy of Justice Arthur J. Goldberg, Charles Morgan Kinghorn Jr

The Great Purge: A Comparative Study, Bruce Raymond Wallace

Submissions from 1967

The National Education Association and the California Teachers Association: Educational Pressure Groups in the American Political System, Stephen B. Andrews

Submissions from 1966

The Escobedo Rule: Pattern for Confessions and Confusion, Dennis Kottmeier

The China-India Boundary Dispute, Terry Singleton

Submissions from 1965

Religion in the Public Schools: The Becker Amendment Proposal, William J. Burnett

The Moderate Republican: Dilemma of 1964, Gary Byrne

India, Non-Alignment and the Chinese Invasion, Gary Larsen

Submissions from 1963

A Comprehensive Study of the Background, Causes, and Actions Culminating in the Annexation by the Union of India of the Portuguese-Held Territories of Goa, Damao, and Diu, Ross S. Cook

A Study of Voting Behavior on Eleven City Councils in the Counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, Leland Tipton

An Analysis of Political Control of Literature in the Soviet Union, 1946-1963, Susan Lee Whitlo

Submissions from 1962

The Vice Presidency of the United States: Tradition and a "New" Concept, Ray Benjamin Chambers

The Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Lisanuddin M. Daud

The Public and the Ethical Drug Industry: What Role for Government?, Robert Charles Gates

A Survey of Supreme Court Decisions Involving The Smith Act and The McCarran Act of 1950, Arne Hansen

The Legal Status of West Berlin, Al Warren Hoslett

Submissions from 1961

The Political Status of South West Africa, Clarke Ellis

Submissions from 1959

Voting Behavior: A Study of Research Methodology and Design, Edward C. Dreyer

A Survey of Congressional-Constituent Relations: The Media of Popular Consultation, Margareta U. Eklund

The Council of Europe and European Unification, Patrick J. Morris

Submissions from 1956

Fifty Years of Defeat: A Study of the Problems of the California Democratic Party, Belmont Brice Jr.

The Conflicts and Conquests of the California Republican Party, 1906-1956, Kent Jennings

Submissions from 1955

Cooperation and Conflict: An Analysis of the Intercourse Among the Governments in San Bernardino County with Special Attention to San Bernardino-Redlands Area, JeDon A. Emenhiser