The Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program brings exceptional students together with some of the University's strongest faculty for a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

The Proudian Program is designed for up to twelve talented students in each graduating class who wish to explore interdisciplinary learning.

The program was founded in 1977 with a contribution by Andrew and Sallee Proudian to honor Mr. Proudian's father, Vahe. Over a number of years we have developed the program specifically for the Redlands campus using the following assumptions:

  • An interdisciplinary approach to questions is more fruitful than traditional disciplinary inquiries
  • Some of the very best learning takes place in small seminars with talented, highly motivated students and faculty
  • International study is an invaluable part of undergraduate education


Submissions from 2017


Imponiendo Orden Sobre el Caos: Un análisis de los mitos y sus efectos sobre la sociedad a través del lente de Don Quijote/ Imposing Order on Chaos: An analysis of myths and their effects on society through the lens of Don Quijote, Miranda Nichelle Madruaga

Submissions from 2015


On Nudging In Public Policy, Alon M. August

Submissions from 2014


Remembering Rosewood, Mary Krome


Eating Disorders in Women Across Cultures, Kathryn K. McCaslin

Submissions from 2012


Evaluation of Daily Oral Kinase Inhibitors in Pediatric SPNET Tumor Xenografts, Greg Heinicke


The Preservation of the Native bird Population from Invasive Rats on the Island of Tahuna Iti, Tetiaroa, French Polynesia, Sean Ryan William Stanton

Submissions from 2010


Quantitative Analysis of Free D-threonines: A Novel Exploitation of L-threionine Aldolase, Marshall Chaffee


South Africa's Decentralized Education Market and its Implications for Democracy, Ethan Chang


Financial Mathematics: Options, Arbitrage, and the Black-Scholes PDE, Heather Engstrom

Submissions from 2009

The Influence of Foreign Trade on Morocco's Language Education Policies, Kimberly Junmookda


An Investigation of Disaccharide-Induced Osmoprotection in Sinorhizobium Meliloti, Daniel Orr

Mathematicians Do It Consistently : An Application of Coherentism to Mathematics, Alycia Smith

Submissions from 2008


Ethnic Banking: Turkish Immigrants in Berlin, David A. Armstrong


Microfinance in Bolivia:Gateway for Change or Pit of the Status Quo?, Sydney Boling


Poetic Faith and the Philosophical Gloss of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Bradley Markano


The Glass Ceiling in Corporate America, Kasia Mlynski


Bridging the Divide: Activism and Academia in the Environmental Justice Movement, Genevieve Pearthree


Conservation in the Bale Mountains National Park: A Statistical Analysis of Population Trends of Ethiopian Wolves (Canis simensis) and Human Influences (2001-2007), Chava Weitzman

Submissions from 2007

Renewable Energy in Central and Eastern Europe, Kate Delavan


If You Teach a (Wo)man to Fish: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Poverty Alleviation and Women's Empowerment through the Integration of Literacy and Microfinance, Ceri Howes

Ghettopoly, America's Game of Racism, Class, and Discrimination, MarQuitta S. Sutton

Submissions from 2006

Environmental Fairness: An Exploration of Ethical Decision Making, John Anderson

The Nature of Reality and the "Reality" of Nature, Yvonne Nicolle Stafford Flack

Ordinary Language and Fundamental Ontology: Understanding the Political Subject, H. Lawrence Stierhoff

Submissions from 2004

The Condition of Public Participation in Sustainable Urban Environments, Eric Medoff