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At the outset of this study, I discovered that a plethora of socio-political literature had already been written both in the United States and Europe. Faced with an abundance of very diverse, even contradictory, material describing, analyzing, and judging the Allende experience, I came to the realization that yet another account based on second-hand sources would be of minimal value, Amidst the confusion, uncertainty, and disagreement over why Allende failed and the condition of Chile under the Unidad Popular (UP) government, I found qualitative discrepancies in different writers' assumptions of certain "objective realities" proven by certain documented "facts." Consequently, the process of my research directed me to reflect further about the perceptual frameworks within which various writers have studied, analyzed, and critiqued Allende's Childe. Such reflection propelled me into restructuring my endeavor from solely analyzing Chile under Allende to analyzing the analyses.


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