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The argument of this paper is that there is not merely one glass ceiling that women encounter in their pursuit to reach the upper echelons of corporate America. Instead there are multiple levels of barriers that will be encountered at different times in a women's career that can prevent her from reaching the highest levels of management in America's largest and most powerful companies. For each of the levels of barriers there are different strategies that should be used to promote women's advancement. Finally, there is an important role society can play in supporting the advancement of women in corporate America. This paper will be divided into four parts. The first chapter will evaluate the plethora of challenges that actually create the glass ceiling. The next chapter will discuss the strategies used to counteract the effects of the glass ceiling. Chapter three will address the role of society in helping women succeed in the workforce. Finally the paper will examine the attitudes of today's college students with regards to the glass ceiling as well as the women who have actually made it to the top of Fortune 500 companies. The conclusion will address the results as a whole and provide suggestions for further research.

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