New Challenges in American Foreign Policy

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Leadership, Global Security, International Cooperation


American Politics | Defense and Security Studies | International Relations | Military and Veterans Studies


During the Cold War, the unique American approach to foreign policy was remarkably appropriate to the challenges at hand. America possessed a full panoply of means to organize the defense of the non-communist world. Today we are not the overwhelming leader in all areas of power, yet America is the only country militarily, politically, technologically, culturally, and demographically powerful. We are the only nation whose leadership other nations are willing to follow. The United States can neither withdraw from the world nor dominate it.

America's leadership for this new era must be centered around a two point policy. First, the United States must remain the world's leading military power. America must remain engaged, although more selectively, in security efforts which our interests require. Secondly, whenever possible the United States must act cooperatively, yet still reserve the option to act independently if the international community fails to counter threats to our national security. America must realize this clear trend of global security and incorporate it into a collective leadership approach to foreign policy.

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