Greasing the Wheel, An Interdisciplinary Study of Buddhism in the United States as a Transcultural Phenomena

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Buddhism, United States


History of Religions of Eastern Origins


The phenomenon of Buddhism in the United States provides an opportunity for an interdisciplinary look into the history and recent developments in the process of transmission and adoption from its origins in Asia. Not only will looking at this topic from many perspectives aid in a more comprehensive understanding, its nature demands it. Furthermore, lack of up to date, intelligent empirical information within the boundaries of the traditional academic disciplines, on this subject has to some extent impeded this study of American Buddhism. Nonetheless, the available books, articles, and personal interviews, ranging from perspectives in sociology, psychology, economics and religion have revealed a very complex, yet similar trends in the United States. Whatever the future holds, it is true that within a relatively short period of time, Buddhism has become an influential force in the unfolding of the American consciousness. These forces, that are now shaping the psyche of millions of Americans, as well as the factors that allow for a seemingly "foreign" system to gain such acceptance, shall be discussed below.

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