Hypermedia Process(ing)

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Hypermedia, art, media, processes


Creative Writing | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media


The process of this thesis has incremented most obviously as one word-processing file was abandoned and another begun. About a week ago I looked at the contents of this old gas-plasma Toshiba T3100 and found about fifteen such files. I chose four that that I found most representative, converted them over to Mac format on a computer, gave them running footers, and printed them out. The entire contents of each files is here - including notes to myself, misspellings and poor ideas. I also printed out an introduction that was a Mac file. These pieces are here in chronological order. This introduction is mirrored, at the bottom of the pile, by the introduction I wrote the summer of 1994, when it was thought that my thesis was on the verge of being brought into its next incarnation. Instead, that was the last work I was able to undertake on it.

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