Ghettopoly, America's Game of Racism, Class, and Discrimination

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Black Heritage, South Central Los Angeles, Ghettos, Racism, Mass Media


Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Communication | Inequality and Stratification | Mass Communication | Social Influence and Political Communication


Media representations of South Central Los Angeles help to support and recreate a racialized truth about the space. More important than these representations is the effect they have on society and how it reinforces a system of institutional racism in present society. What I intend to do in this thesis is evaluate media representations of South Central Los Angeles. Media can be a strong force of change in American and I will evaluate media based on its ability to spur on change. Developing a better understanding of the stereotypes that are used in the media, will help me in theorizing how race becomes a factor in the use of "ghetto" and how this term applies to "South Central". Racism has an adverse effect on South Central therefore it is important to see how media from south Central is intertwined with racism. This section will lay the foundation for four further sections: first an account of the historical, social and racial development of South Central, a section on media representations of South Central, a section on the social representation and impact of the media in South Central, and finally a section on education and its role in Los Angeles.

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