Environmental Fairness: An Exploration of Ethical Decision Making

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Environment, Philosophy, Tasmania, Activism, Democracy


Environmental Policy | Philosophy | Philosophy of Science


Science is an important tool in understanding the environment; Environmental Philosophy is an important tool in changing the way people perceive the environment. Without an understanding of the science behind environmentalism, Environmental Philosophy is limited in its ability to persuade. Developments in Environmental Philosophy may be able to change the way some people think about the natural environment, but it is not the most effective way to change the way people as a whole act toward the environment. Environmental Philosophy should not be limited to a theory about how one should perceive the environment, but it should also include how one should act on those changing perceptions in order to change the public perception. First I will propose an environmental ethic supported by scientific principles, and then I will propose how, upon accepting that ethic, one should act. Thirdly, I will critically examine the effectiveness of this model by using the current environmental battle going on in Tasmania over the logging of old growth forest as a model.


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