Notions of Home, Identity and Belonging in Fiction, Sketching in Jhumpa Lahiri’s “A Temporary Matter” and “The Interpreter of Maladies”

Aaron Briseno


This paper draws upon several keynote concepts in postcolonial studies, including diaspora, transnationalism, marginalization, language, gender, and race. I examine the idea of the“home” as a conscious construction in two of Jhumpa Lahiri’s stories, “A Temporary Matter” and “The Interpreter of Maladies”. Specifically, I Analyze the ways in which the unsettled nature of the “home” is intimately connected to the subjectivity, complexity, and malleability of the characters identities in these stories. Moreover, this study explores the ways in which these stories challenge a historic binary that separates the "transnational" and "American" fiction genres in the literary arena.