The United Nations and the Advancement of Women: Wishful Thinking?

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women's rights, international relations, United Nations, policy, gender, Afghanistan


Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies | Gender and Sexuality | International and Area Studies | International Humanitarian Law | International Relations


The woman hovers in the corner of her cell, naked and cold, sheltering her face from her captures. Her skin is lifeless and pale, bruised by rape and electrocution. She has not eaten in weeks and her ribs are beginning to pierce her fragile skin. What she does not know is that they will keep her looking death in the face each day for the rest of her life. Every minute around the world women are maimed, beaten, raped, tortured, harassed, denied political participation, oppressed and killed by their own government. A version of what the status of women globally should be has been specifically outlined in the Charter of the United Nations. It emphasizes the importance of equality between men and women as humans. A plethora of United Nations Declarations and Conventions have been established to further advance the status and treatment of women towards equality. What impact does the UN have on women and issues that effect them on the global scale?

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