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2019 InSPIRe Annual Report
Paige Mann and Michael DP Kremer


Campus Conversations on Scholarly Communications: May 2020 Report
Paige Mann, Jennifer Beamer, Sonia Chaidez, Darren Hall, Amanda Makula, and Lev Rickards


Activation of Dictyostelium Myosin Light Chain Kinase A by Phosphorylation of Thr166
Janet L. Smith, Linda A. Silveira, and James A. Spudich


Intrauterine Position Effects
Bryce C. Ryan and John G. Vandenbergh


Prochloraz Inhibits Testosterone Production at Dosages below Those that Affect Androgen-Dependent Organ Weights or the Onset of Puberty in the Male Sprague Dawley Rat
Chad R. Blystone, Johnathan Furr, Christy S. Lambright, Kembra L. Howdeshell, Bryce C. Ryan, Vickie S. Wilson, Gerald A. LeBlanc, and Leon Earl Gray Jr


Identification of Estrogenic Compounds Emitted from the Combustion of Computer Printed Circuit Boards in Electronic Waste
Clyde V. Owens Jr, Christy Lambright, Kathy Bobseine, Bryce C. Ryan, L Earl Gray Jr, Brian K. Gullett, and Vickie S. Wilson

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