Submissions from 2018

The Women Behind the Pulpit: Identifying Female Leadership Throughout Christian History, Courtney Kasin

Submissions from 2015

Using the New Testament Canon, Jeremy Guida

Ancient Synagogues and the Second Temple: Uncovering the Common Jew, Charlie Kramer

Submissions from 2014

Artist's Statements, Keziah Baltz

Submissions from 2013


Buddhism and the Beats: Jack Kerouac's Lineage through Literature in "The Dharma Bums", Jennifer Archer


The Flourishing of the Lotus from the Cactus: The Development of Mexican Tibetan Buddhism, Samari Batres


Oh! The Places You'll Go: Avenues for Mapping in Religious Studies, Kim Vilimas

Submissions from 2012

The Story is in the Soil: Faith Set in Stone, Ashley Starr


Plato's Hopeful Agnosticism and the Restoration of Theological Humility, Jordan Valles

Submissions from 2011

The Power of Healing: From the Ancient World to Modern Christianity, Janae Alvarez


Looking Beyond the Self: Tibetan Buddhist and Navajo Transformation Ceremonies, Kathryn H. McIntosh

Submissions from 2010


Re-examining Judas: Betrayer or Best Friend?, Samantha Coe

Submissions from 2009


Memory as Re-Vision: The Religious Significance of Ritual, Liturgy, Rhetoric, and Modern Literature, Jessica A. Moore

Submissions from 2006

A Study of Peak Spiritual Experiences and their Effect on Religious Fervor and Altruism, Theresa Marie Ellis

Submissions from 2004


The Mystical Body: A Study and Ascetical Practice Through Gender, Jacqueline A. Ballard

Submissions from 2003

Excavating Belief: The Role of Faith in a Science-Oriented Society, Jenifer Boshes

The Influence of Islam on the Socioeconomic and Political Development of Muslim Nations: A Case Study of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Momal Iqbal


Breaking Common Ground: The Voices of Religious Pluralism in Modern American Society, Laura Smolka

Submissions from 2002


The Persistence of Creationism in the Post-Darwinian Scientific Era, Aaron A. Abrahamsen

Submissions from 2001

Austria and Religion in Everyday Life: A Qualitative Research Project on Personal Views, Perceptions, and Ways of Life in Predominantly Catholic Austria, Christi Manning

Submissions from 1999

You're Invited: A Marriage of Christianity and Feminism, Kimberly Toole

Submissions from 1997

El Misticismo Espanol, Jennifer M. Rains


Feeding the Children of Abraham: A Vegetarian Activist Primer, Robert M. Tappan

Submissions from 1994


The Influence of Religious Orientation on the Belief Systems of Men and Women, Allison Ashe

Submissions from 1993

"I Believe, That I May Understand": A Perspective on the Theologian's Present Situation, Eric Boynton

Submissions from 1971

The Historical Jesus as Seen through the Parables: Jesus' Understanding of His Mission as Revealed by the Parables of the Sower, the Mustard Seed and the Wicked Husbandmen, Larry Glasson

Submissions from 1969

A Comparison between The Old Testament and a Twentieth Century View of Man, Donald E. Ticknor

Submissions from 1964

The Writings of Soren Kierkegaard: An Adventure in Communication; an Analysis of Kierkegaard's Writings on the Basis of His Stated Purpose and Explanations, Sharon Morris

Submissions from 1962

Messianic Concepts of the Hebrews at the Advent of the Christian Era, Robert A. MacDicken

The Failure of the Personal: Franz Kafka: An Interpretation of Selected Works in the Light of Martin Buber's Thought, Sandra Caire Pieper

Martin Buber's Life of Dialogue as Perceived in Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, Robert Clarence Vieten

Submissions from 1960

A Comparison of the Ethic of the Sermon on the Mount with the Ethic of Paul in Romans 12-15:13, Daniel S. Smolen

Submissions from 1955

The Function of Religious Chapel in the Religious Adjustment of Students at the University of Redlands, Charles Molnar