Submissions from 2019


Online and On-Campus: Student Navigations of Activism in an Age of Social Media, Allie Kuroff

Submissions from 2012


Hooking Up: Attitudes, Perceptions, and Practices Among First Generation College Students, Joanna Lalas

Submissions from 2011


A Review of the Associations of Alcohol Consumption with Race/Ethnicity, Religion, and Socioeconomic Status, Micaela Birt

Submissions from 2007

The Edgework of Eating Irregularities, Britni Tweedy

Submissions from 2004


Grieving for Children: The Japanese Ritual of Mizuko KuyO, Elizabeth Jackman

Submissions from 2000

Lawyers or Liars?: The Structure and Culture of 'Bad Lawyers' and the Society the Hates Them, Staci L. Nichols

Submissions from 1997

Mass-Producing Oppression: An Analysis of the Global Apparel Industry, Megan Crilly


Links Between Education and Crime: A Critical Perspective, Dennis A. Forleo

The Latina Transition from Home to College: The Maria Facts of Life, Agustin Garibay

Submissions from 1996


Divorce in the Family: How Does it Affect Personality and Views of Love and Marriage?, Kymberley K. Bennett


Community Policing and the Crime Bill: Can it Work in Big Cities?, Ilaria R. Pesco

Submissions from 1995

What's in a Name?: The Effect of Generation-Specific First Names on Attractiveness and Intelligence Ratings, Stephanie Morlan

Submissions from 1994


Coach/Athlete Compatibility and Gender Differences, Leslie Evans

Submissions from 1988


Archaeological Investigations at Muscupiabit, Donn R. Grenda

Submissions from 1979


Weavers of Cuanajo: Technical Analysis of Tarascan Weaving, Keiko Nakao

Submissions from 1969

The Handling of Violence in Eight North American Indian Groups, Kent A. Maynard

Submissions from 1966

Juvenile Delinquency Among Negroes: A Review of the Literature with Analysis and Application of Selected Sociological Theories of Delinquent Behavior, Cathy J. Carter

A Sociological Analysis of the Ecumenical Movement, Richard Harold Goyette

Submissions from 1965

An Analysis of the Major Holistic Community Studies, Tim Curry

A Study of the Negro in the Works of William Faulkner, Robert A. Jones

Submissions from 1963

An Examination of the Sociology of Drug Addiction, Judy Brodie

Companionship in the American Family, Eldon L. Wegner

The Interpersonal Relations Characterizing the Family of Orientation and the Etiology of Schizophrenia: A Review of the Literature, Carole Anne York

Submissions from 1962

The Changing Role of Women in China: A Study of a Social System in Transition, Toni Lee Merrell

The Social Theory and Social Control of Sexual Behavior: Theoretical Studies of Prostitution, Transvestism, and Pornography, J Richard Woodworth

Submissions from 1960

The Theory of C. Wright Mills and His Analysis of Contemporary American Society, Norman R. Yetman

Submissions from 1959

The Relationship of Personality Needs and Romanticism to Marital Adjustment, Lauralee Lindholm

Submissions from 1957

A Structural Functional Analysis of Social Change in the Egyptian Society as a Social System, Elias Hanna Tuma

Submissions from 1956

Pre-Parole Programs in State and Federal Correctional Institutions for Men, Louise Newton