Submissions from 2016

Preparing Teachers to Use GIS: The Impact of a Hybrid Professional Development Program on Teachers’ Use of GIS, Steven Moore, Don Haviland, William Moore, and Michael Tran

Submissions from 2014

A Research Agenda for Geospatial Technologies and Learning, Tom R. Baker, Sarah Battersby, Sarah W. Bednarz, Alec M. Bodzin, Bob Kolvoord, Steven Moore, Diana Sinton, and David Uttal

Submissions from 2013

Conserving Population Linkages for the Mojave Desert Tortoise (Gopherus agassizii), Roy C. Averill-Murray, Catherine R. Darst, Nathan Strout, and Martin Wong


Solar Energy and the Mojave Desert Tortoise: Modeling Impacts and Mitigation, Philip J. Murphy, Catherine R. Darst, and Nathan W. Strout

Submissions from 2012

A Strategy for Prioritizing Threats and Recovery Actions for At-risk Species, Catherine R. Darst, Philip J. Murphy, Nathan W. Strout, and Steven P. Campbell