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Kai Peattie: “Epistemic Privilege, Standpoint Epistemology, and the Human Sciences”


In this paper I consider the relationship between standpoint epistemology and objectivity as formulated by Sandra Harding. I consider empiricist challenges to the rationalist and Hegelian approach developed by Harding, and draw from some of the work done in philosophy of science and science studies to challenge the claims of Helen Longino, one of Harding’s empiricist critics. In particular, I focus on dispelling the myth that standpoint epistemology relies on what’s termed (often perjoratively) ‘epistemic privilege’ by seeking to explicate what sort of metaphysics post-Hegelian theories of knowledge are committed to.


Larsen Hall, room 227

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3-23-2018 9:45 AM

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3-23-2018 11:00 AM

Mar 23rd, 9:45 AM Mar 23rd, 11:00 AM

Panel II. Epistemic Privilege, Standpoint Epistemology, and the Human Sciences

Larsen Hall, room 227