For their continued support of the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program: Dr. Ralph Kuncl, President of the University of Redlands; Dr. Kathy Ogren, Provost of the University of Redlands; Dr. Kendrick Brown, Dean of the University of Redlands College of Arts & Sciences.

Best Art Poster and Conference Paper Contest Winners

Best Art Poster Contest Winner: Kenna Heller Program Cover Art: “Female Flame”

I created these shapes that are meant to resemble several things. The shapes come together to signify a flower, a flame, the female figure, or whatever the viewer aims to see. I see these shapes as a resemblance of the women’s stories that have been coming to light, bursting out like wildfire. While it is indeed an eruption, it is the blossoming of a beautiful thing— the truth. It is not easy for women who have been traumatized to come forward and tell their stories in a society that has previously reacted hastily. That is why I made these shapes red, and why the female figure appears to be being pulled and spread open in all directions. This also points to the exploitation and violence women face. Even through the trauma and violence, women continue to be strong, and the fire that is burning and taking down our oppressors will now and forever be impossible to put out.

Best Paper Contest Winner: Annika Ziegler's "How Rwanda Has Achieved Their Level of Economic Gender Equality and What Other Sub-Saharan Nations Can Learn from Their Efforts". Honorable Mentions: Art: Mackenzie Nelson, Madison Tschauner, Sara Devoe Paper: Kai Peattie, "Epistemic Privilege, Standpoint Epistemology and the Human Sciences"

Special Thanks

For their contributions to the program: Campus Diversity & Inclusion, the Departments of :Economics, Sociology/Anthropology, Race & Ethnic Studies, the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, Armacost Library, the Proudian Interdisciplinary Honors Program, and the Humanities Advisory Board. Faculty /Staff Participants: Kathy Feeley, Kelly Hankin, Amy Moff Hudec, Shana Higgins, Daniel Kiefer, Sharon Lang, Victoria Lewis, Sheila Lloyd, Hongwei Lu, Leela MadhavaRau, Erica Moorer, Jennifer Nelson, Tim Seiber, Heather King Shamp, Sana Tayyen, Renee Van Vechten, Kimberly Welch. The WGS Advisory Committee, student panel participants, and volunteers.

Keynote Speaker: Loretta J. Ross, Maggie Ruopp, WGS Conference Coordinators: Chelsea Fomin, Megan Wilensky, and Kenai Class. AAUW Redlands Branch, San Bernardino Sexual Assault Services, Family Assistance Program and for their assistance: Event Services, Media Services, Bon Appétit, the Copy Center, and WGS Department Coordinator Denise Spencer. Best Conference paper winner: Annika Ziegler, and Best Art Poster winner: Kenna Heller.


The 10th Annual WGS Student Conference is dedicated to Dr. Emily Culpepper, the founding Director of Women's Studies at the University. She held the position of Director from 1989-2008 with a joint appointment with Religious Studies. In 2008 the WGST faculty created the "Dr. Emily Culpepper Convocation Award for Outstanding Work in Women's and Gender Studies" to acknowledge her 20 years as founding Director of the program.

“Well -behaved women seldom make history" - Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


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10th Annual Conference Program

University of Redlands, Larsen Hall