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Artist's Statement

Cover Art by Erik Leake

Artist’s Statement

The poster I designed for the Women’s and Gender Studies Conference is a combination of photography and graphic design. I went through many drafts of this piece; some including both men and women, others including just a gender neutral symbol as a background image, before settling on my final design. The reason I chose to use the image of a woman was simply because I thought that it fit the topic the WGST department is trying to convey more than any of my other designs did. I feel that this experience benefited me in many ways, first because it pushed me to break out of my comfortable media of Adobe Illustrator and into Photoshop. The second benefit I feel I received from this is that this is my very first art submission and I feel that I am more capable of creating artwork to submit for future events.

The process I used in making this poster was taking a photo and editing it in Photoshop and porting it into Illustrator to make it a technical drawing, I then added color and focused heavily on the typography for the final adaptation.