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Silent Roar”

Artist’s Statement by Maria A. Muñoz

Through my initial exploration with photography, I began by paying close attention to detail in the quotidian of life, something that helped me see the world that was already made in front of me. Once I was able to gather knowledge and practice from this, I began to expand by creating my own concealed world. What was most important to me was to do it in a way that the viewer could gather a strong message. Perhaps a message that was silent, perhaps unknown and unspoken; a message that was just simply there.

In this photograph, I believe I was able to create this silent roar. A roar that reflects strength in a way that is quiet, delicate and graceful shown in the most intimate ways of women. The black thick lines that wrap through the woman’s gentle back, gives the piece a strong contrast that can make the viewer understand what she may be feeling. Overall, I consider this piece to be interactive because it keeps the viewer questioning and unsure which will develop a memorable sensation.